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 Female x Male (Dark)  Male x Male (Dark) Craving To Write

Discussion in 'Gentlemen's Request' started by Kalon9079, Feb 22, 2019.

  1. Kalon9079

    Kalon9079 The Black Panther Book Worms

    Feb 22, 2019
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    Hi! Welcome to my request thread. As you can tell, I am seeking out partners to roleplay with. I’m just going to start typing and not stop until the end, so forgive me if this comes off sloppy. A little bit about me. I have been writing for about 5 years now. I consider myself an active roleplayer. That being said, I will make sure to get on at least once a day. Then again, that’s not 100% certain. I may get online and stay online all day depending on my inbox activity. I may not get on for a day due to my real life going on. I will make sure to get a reply to you at some point. I really don’t like when people disappear on me, so I won’t do that to you. If I haven’t replied for three days, just give me a bump and I’ll remember!

    ~Write a minimum of a four sentence paragraph per response. Any less, I will get bored. My limit is usually three paragraphs. If I enjoy a story enough, maybe that number will go up. That is just my average maximum.
    ~Character sheets are important, and a realistic picture reference is a need. I like seeing what the character looks like. The character sheets I want are fairly simple. Name, age, height, weight, and a picture. I like to leave personality and biography for discovering throughout the roleplay itself.
    ~Let me write the male character. If we do mxf, I will only write male. I can not, for the life of me, write a female character.
    ~Respect me and my limits. It’s common sense. I’ll do the same for you. If you don’t respect me, I’ll simply stop speaking with you and move on.

    Okay, so that’s pretty much it for the whole rule thing. I’m sure I’ll think of more at some point, but that’s an issue for the future.
    Now then, let’s discuss my likes and dislikes in a roleplay.

    ~Slice of life. I like the modern day, realistic stories. Maybe we can add a little fantasy element to it, that is fun too.
    ~More than just sex. I don’t like writing stories that only revolve around sex. I get bored of writing it. I can write it, yes. But if I do, it will only be a rare occasion in the story. And it will only last for a few replies. I don’t want to start a sex scene and be stuck writing it for the next 20 responses.
    ~Mxm. I love love love to write male on male. I should also mention I love to play the dominate role in the relationship. I like to write the protector, the tough guy, the gentleman. There are very few occasions I will want to write the submissive male in an mxm roleplay.
    ~Mxf. I will do this, but I can’t promise you there will be any sex scenes. I am a gay male. I do not wish to write mxf sex scenes. So if it is mxf, it has to be strictly story and plot based.
    ~Some other settings I enjoy writing are horror, fantasy, and medieval
    ~Violence!!! I love going into detail with this

    ~Sex, sex, sex. I don’t want to write something just FULL of sex. As you’ve read before.
    ~Playing females. I’ve tried so many times and I simply can’t do it.
    ~Sci fi and historical settings. These are... boring for me
    ~World building. It takes way too much time and effort. Let’s stick with planet earth and use a basic town/city template.
    ~Scat, pregnancy, harm to animals. Shrug.
    Roleplays based on relationships. I will do them, but they’re not my main focus the majority of the time.

    About my Characters:
    My characters have many traits that I will list so you get a basic understanding. ~Dominant
    ~Bad ass
    ~Harsh and strict
    ~Usually selfish
    ~A bad reputation

    Pairings: (I will play the first)
    Gang leader/Victim
    Gang leader/Gang member
    Junkie/Whatever you can think of

    You can always give me your own pairing or plot ideas! I can write just about anything ^-^ Anyway, I think that’s it! Thanks for reading. Please send me a dm with your ideas and we can start planning something out together!
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