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 Looking  Fantasy  Slice of Life/Modern  Urban We are into this together

Discussion in 'Group Requests' started by Vega Fenix, Jan 3, 2019.

  1. Vega Fenix

    Vega Fenix Book Worm Book Worms

    Sep 10, 2018
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    I am looking for two more partners that are interested to do a modern - fantasy - dom/sub - romantic - slice of life kind of rp.

    How would you react if you got a second mate when your first is still living.
    It wasn't unheard of to have two soul mates, but it was indeed rare. Muse A is the ruler of a kingdom and was happy when he found his mate a half year ago. They got off by a rocky start since their both kingdoms was in war with each other. However both muse A & B is born with a high status so there was not many who rose and eyebrow when they decided to marry to end the wars. Their wedding was magical and their life was complete.


    Muse A & B went to their summerhouse for a break away from everything. On their way there does the wagon/car break down and they are forced to stay at a small Inn.
    There does they meet Muse C. A slave belonging to the Inn keeper. A slave for a mate? It could not be true, right?

    Muse A - dom (male?)
    Muse B - (switch, leaning towards dom. Male?)
    Muse C - sub (female, male?)

    I am looking for muse A & B!